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My name is Peggy Lynn. When I legally dropped my last name it was like riding a bike without the training wheels. I felt free from the history of a temultuous childhood and an acquired name from a failed marriage. I believe that we are a product of our past, but that does not mean that the end of our story has to turn out with the same fortune it started with. I have always had at the attitude that everyone faces hardship but what differentiates us is how we overcome it.

I am Swedish, Norwegian and German decent born to a Contralto Alto Soloist. Four Generations of singers, everyone in my family has musical talent of some sort. Singing happy birthday at our family gatherings is usually in an unplanned or rehearsed 5-part harmony. It is different every time, but always has beautiful harmonies to whoever leads.

Peggy Lyn as a Child

Though I was born in sunny southern California, I spent many of my years as a pre-teen growing up in Minnesota on a 40-acre horse ranch with my father and stepmother. I learned how to break and train Arabian horses and was known as the local “horse whisperer”. I enjoyed spending time with the horses and building a relationship of trust with them. I would gradually worked up to putting on halters, saddles and bits and riding and training them.

Gardening on the High Point Ranch meant that we grew everything above and under the ground that we would need for the entire winter. Minnesota ranch living gave me my country roots and love for open spaces.

Grandmother Inga

Some of my fondest memories growing up are of my grandmother Inga, (Swedish) a Licensed Vocational Nurse. She would call my brothers and I from acres away with what sounded like she was yodeling our names as loud and high as she could. It was so loud and unique that we could never ignore her call and would always come home. She must have had some great lungs and vocal pipes because we could hear here from far away on horseback. Grandma Inga would sit me down next to her and tell me that I would become a nurse. She would have been very proud if she knew that her wishes were accomplished and that I went on to become a nursing instructor for LVN’s for a short period of time. She passed when I was only 11; though her time with me was short she had a strong impact on my life.

Being exposed to church choirs, local children choirs and playing different musical instruments was where I got my musical platform. My passion for writing music and singing did not happen until after I became a mother so it was put aside. Music has always been my way of expressing my feelings and releasing emotion. I have had the opportunity to work with musicians in Nashville and also sing with many talented local musicians. I am currently working with Stephan DeReine who is world known accomplished pianist, soloist and manager of the Paris Symphony . He is producing my debut CD which is due to be released summer of 2017. The songs are transparent and reveal my life experience and am excited to be able to share these songs with you. I appreciate you visiting my site and supporting my musical journey. I would love to hear from you, please send me an e mail with the link below.

Peggy Lynn Xx

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